The Shortgrass Rangers are using a new scoring system.  Scores will be posted in .pdf format
Redleg's Match Moments
It was a wind-swept day at the Big Pasture.  Hats were flying, especially the hat off the head of Lucky de Meers....  But we endeavored to persevere and ended up having a great time!  The posse finally had a chance to shoot the Terror of Tiny Town match with the rearranged target array.  Not sure any of us figured out what was happening in the movie, like who is blazes is Nita??  Anyway, great to see Cabrito Joe at the range for a change.  He made the most of it, barely outshooting Able for the match and clean too!!  Time to start loading shotgun for the upcoming All Shotgun Classic - and hope to see everyone in 2 weeks for the next cowboy match!