The Shortgrass Rangers are using a new scoring system.  Scores will be posted in .pdf format
Redleg's Match Moments
We came, we shot, and yes, we froze...  6 intrepid (ie, less than smart) members braved the elements and burned up the range.  Well, shot anyway.  Not the best shooting by most of us, as it was cold enough that no one's hands were working correctly.  That didn't stop Red River Regulator from shooting clean, although there was some discussion about avoiding the ticket for lunch.  And Bounty Killer shot the fastest match of his career, winning the match.  I guess he will only be allowed to shoot when it is really cold.  Oh, and a broken shotshell award went to Rock Springs Renegade as the bullets would only crawl out of his revolver barrels and slowly arc towards the targets.  At least the ones that left the barrel that is.