The Shortgrass Rangers are using a new scoring system.  Scores will be posted in .pdf format
Redleg's Match Moments
Memorial Match - 2024.  The club got to recognize the former members who have passed on during the last 25 years of the club's history.  Capt Allyn represented us by presenting a plaque to Bobby for all the help he has given to the club.  Each stage was devoted to a decreased member, highlighted by shooting the train stage with the infamous Goose hat.  Great day of shooting and memories.  Also great that we signed up a new shooter and had a couple of interested folks shoot a stage.  End of the day, Texita shoot his way past Medicine Creek Kid for the win, and Ima took home the ladies title.  We also recognized Capt Allyn for his 25 year history with the club and Redleg for 15 years as Pres.  Future looks bright for us.  Hopefully the club will still be here in 25 years so we can celebrate the 50th anniversary.  Load up - Hell on the Prairie is coming!!