Match Safety Rules
Local Conventions
This page was last updated on: November 24, 2018
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Match Safety

1. Eye protection must be worn at all time, no exceptions!. Ear protection is recommended.
2. Watch your muzzle direction! Treat all guns as it they are LOADED!
3. This is a "cold" range. All guns must be unloaded until you are at the loading table.
4. All long guns will have their actions open, when not on the firing line,or at the loading bench. The actions will be reopened when the last shot has been fired in that gun.
5. Rifles will be loaded with the action closed, hammer down on the empty chamber.
6. Shotguns will he loaded on the clock. Shotguns can not be staged "muzzle down".
7. Handguns will be loaded with 5 rounds, hammer down on an empty cylinder.
8. All guns, loaded or empty, will be handled so that the muzzle of the gun does not sweep other shooters. Thev must be pointed down range or in a safe direction (i.e. up or down, if they are being carried to or from the loading tables).
9. The person timing the stage is the primary safety officer.  He or she can stop the shooter at any time.
10. Jammed or defective guns will be safely taken to the unloading table and cleared there. A second Shooter should he present to assist and act as safety Officer.
11. Dropped guns, sweeping other shooters with the muzzle of a gun (loaded or unloaded) or an accidental discharge within five feet of the firing line will result in the shooter being disqualified from the stage.
12. Repeated safety violations will result in the shooter being asked to leave the ranges. If you have ANY questions, please ask.The only dumb question is the on you don't ask.

Be safe and have fun!
Local  Match Rule Conventions

• SASS Rules Apply
• Bongo, Mongo, squirrels may be mandatory hit targets.  Reload until they are hit as described.  There are no misses on mandatory targets.  The squirrels must be knocked down.  If they bounce back up, they must be knocked back down. No misses on squirrels.
• All knockdown targets (shotgun, rifle, or pistol) must go down to count. (except Buckaroo)
• All staged guns will have their barrels pointed safely down range.
• Long guns must be returned to their original location and made safe, unless stated in the stage description.  i.e. gunstand to gunstand, barrel to barrel, etc.
• Long guns staged horizontally must have the trigger guard over wood.
• Long guns will be discarded open and empty with their barrels pointed safely down range.
• Staged shotguns will be open and empty.
• 97 shotguns may be stoked on the clock.
• All shotgun targets MAY be reengaged until down or hit.
• Shooters may not start a stage with ammunition in hand, unless specified in the stage description.
• Unless otherwise stated, pistols are returned to leather after the shooting string.
• Pistols are drawn and used in accordance with the shooter’s category..
• Vertical stands may be moved within the shooting position, to suit the shooter unless otherwise stated.
• Safe gun handling is the shooter’s responsibility. The 170-degree safety rule is in effect. The basketball traveling rule when there is a live round under the hammer is in effect (except in shooting boxes).
• Cowboy port arms is defined as standing fully erect with the butt of the long gun at or below the waist of the shooter, the muzzle at or above the shoulder, and the long gun held with both hands