What is Cowboy Action Shooting ?
Cowboy Action Shooting is a competitive shooting sport in which competitors of all ages and sexes safely compete in a timed shooting event using  the firearms of the Old West while dressed in period costume.  Safety is stressed at all times.

Although it is a competition, the primary motivation for Cowboy Shooters is FUN.  It is hard to take yourself too seriously while dressed in duds more at home 120 years ago.  For a lot of Cowboy shooters LOOKING GOOD is just as important as shooting well.  This is an event for the entire family. 

Our members, few of whom can boast of their shooting prowess, find joy in researching  their characters, a shared interest in the Old West, and the comaraderie of their fellow shooters.

Welcome to the Camp!
Need Information?  All you have to do is contact Redleg Reilly and we'll get you all the infomation you need.