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Old Droppings
August 12, '02
Big Pasture, Oklahoma Territory


It's been some time since there the last Goose Droppings was updated.  That's not to say that there has not been a whole lot going on with the Shortgrass Rangers and our range, The Big Pasture.  It's more of a problem with inertia and time management.  The spring and summer has been pretty good to us and with a notable exception of the first Saturday shoot in July which looked ok on the weather reports, but was a gully-washer at the range necessitating a very late cancellation.  It t'were ugly.  Nevertheless, we have certainly had more shooting this year than last.  The Big Pasture has had its share of water however, and the weeds were so high that at our next match, you would have needed a gun-bearer and a guide.  But, just in a nick of time, we had a terrific workday last Saturday, the 10th and got a lot done.  Yazoo Rebel was there early with his gun cart/lawnmower and was mowing nonstop.  Oklahombre, John Sterling, Joe Horner, Redleg Riley and Capt Allyn were whacking, pulling, stomping, and chewing weeds for all they were worth.  The end result is that the range looks terrific.  Thank you!.  Tinsleep brought his portable welder, fixed any broken targets and using some of his steel and steel donated by Bull Isaac, created a new vexation for Rooster, temporarily named the "Prairie Rocket".  This little toy, at the drop of a popper, sends a 14", 3/4" steel disc careening across the shooting bay.  Looks like fun. 

Since the spring, Capt. Allyn and crew have constructed a new Saloon, the "Sawtooth Star". And we have been using it with a new !@@#$ swinger, variously named Miz Rocky, Rosita, Lucille, or just something unprintable.  She has only two holes in her, but looks a little worse for wear after the Saturday night thunderstorm during the Red River War.  Capt. Allyn has been busy, building new long gun racks for each loading table, fence sections for stages and more long gun stands, as well as loading and unloading tables.  Busy, Busy Busy.  Montana had dropped off a couple of pallets of concrete blocks in bay 7 which look like the start of an "adobe walls".  We've also added three new poppers for those whose loads test credulity and the law of gravity.    John Sterling has provided us with a new horse, unnamed as far as I know, but nobody has had to ride him as yet.  Some names may come to mind if that should come to pass.  He also took a crack at fixing the tombstones, our perennial problem target system.  Looks like a rife target to me.  Just before the Red River War in a fit of efficency, the corral was redone and the shooting line moved back in to alignment with the other stages.  Safer!. 

All in all the range is looking good and in fine shape for the Duel in the Dust, our two day fall shoot.  Word has it that Lefty, will host his own, "Lust in the Dust", Saturday evening in the camping area.  Mark your calendars now!  The Duel in the Dust, November, 2nd and 3rd, 2002. 

The website has undergone a few revisions.  Our host, homestead in a fit of fiscal responsibility, has changed their previous, admittedly generous, hosting and is now charging for service.  The address will remain the same, but you will note a new address on some of the pages.  The mailing list seems to be fixed for the moment.  Don't hold your breath.  If you are not on it, subscribe from the members page.  This will keep you up to date on most of the stuff you need to know, mostly shoots, meeting, workdays and more importantly road conditions (if such is available before sticking our ponies in the mud).  Speaking of mud, there have been persistent rumors that we may someday have gravel on the road to the range.  When that happens, it will be time to see if the infernal reaches are freezing over.  Until then check the website or call.  We will try and get any cancellations out the evening before a shoot.

The Event calendar is updated for the FALL series of big shoots in this area, and there are a bunch of them.  This is the time to go to one or two of the annual shoots and enjoy yourself.  This sport is for fun.  Check it out from the main page under Events/Shoots/Clubs.  Especially note, the Shootout on the Cimarron in Stillwater on October 5th & 6th.  This is one that will be fun.  There is also a link on the links page to our range host Bandlands Bob's Badlands Tactical Training Center.  Check it out!

We have been welcoming a lot of new shooters to the range.  We hope they enjoy themselves and return.  Some, like Flossie and Cole Creek, have joined Memphis Bob and Saltfork Shooter in traveling a "fur'piece" from the West on a regular basis.  Kid Shane has been making the trip "pretty regular from OKC and we are always glad to have our Tulsa members, Oklahoma Lawman and M. M. Wright.  Two of our newest shooters were slinging weeds with the rest of the gang at workday, Redleg Riley and Joe Horner.  Thanks Cowboys.

The quality of the shooing by a few of the older members is of note.  Rooster is joining the ranks of the "Big Boys" and it's always fun to see him shoot.  Tinsleep, whose performance at LandRun 2002 is legendary, has been amazingly crisp and fast.  Who is that masked man?  Lefty, Capt. Allyn, and John Sterling are all shooting well and taking each other on, monthly.  Oklahombre is back from his equine misadventure and shooting with more confidence. 

The Red River War was an almost success.  There was a good turnout for Saturday, but Saturday night heralded a terrific thunderstorm with pounding rain and high winds.  Nobody was hurt, but a lot of camping equipment found its way to Texas driven by 80-90 mph northerly winds.  Tinsleep, Oklahoma Lawman, M.M. Wright, Flossie and Cole Creek, have expressed a desire to do away with similar Saturday night entertainment in the future.  Needless to say, Sunday was something of a washout, although the skies cleared and with due care, we were able to get into the range and shoot.  A series of good stages entertained those who made it.  One incident is of note.  As those who had 4-wheel drive were assessing the state of the range and the road on Sunday morning, figuring if they should chance it; Rooster came tootling in in his big comfy sedan.  Nothing was going to stop him from shooting.  True to form, the roads dried quickly and a good time was had by all those left.

Dates to remember;  Workday for the Duel -- October 12th
                                Duel in the Dust         -- November 2nd and 3rd

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